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Saturday, January 22, 2005

In The Guardian Online!

Michelle Styles, my co-author, wrote in to The Guardian after they published an article by Julian Baggini about how he had co-authored a book over the internet. THE LADY SOLDIER was also written 'over the internet' thank you. :) Michelle's letter has been published:


Here's the full text ~ in case it disappears ~ :

Thursday January 20, 2005 The Guardian Virtually there
Julian Baggini's experience of writing a book over email (Touched by your absence, January 6) is not unique. My co-author, Kate Allan, and I did not speak on the telephone until after the first draft of our historical adventure romance, The Lady Soldier (Robert Hale, May 2005), was finished. Email and writing across the internet appears to be a growing phenomenon.
Our collaboration came about after discovering each other on a writing bulletin board. In many ways, not having to know the "whole person" helped keep the writing relationship on a professional rather than a personal level. We were able to concentrate on telling the story, rather than searching for inner meaning in the words of the other person. It also meant we were able to deal with problems that arose in writing, quickly and thoroughly. Michelle Styles, Hexham


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