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Thursday, July 14, 2005

RNA Conference 2005 - 2

One of the nice things about leaving it a few days to report back on the RNA Conference is the sense of perspective it brings. I'm not going to do a session-by-session report. Nor divulge the information we were told in rooms with closed doors after Chatham House Rules had been evoked. Nor account the trauma of actually getting to the conference which kicked off coincident to the terrible events in London last Thursday.

Attending conferences is partly about networking, partly about learning, though I think for me the most powerful effect was the one that made me feel that being a romantic novelist was entirely sane. I was surrounded by successful, not so successful and aspiring romantic novels from across all types of genres, age and experience. People from all kinds of experiences and life backgrounds, but with a common belief in love, and it's importance in storytelling.

It's not all wine and chatter - what were my key take-outs from the RNA 2005?

- some very useful things about accounting for tax purposes
- that historical romance might, just might make a comeback*
- that writing humour isn't as easy as it's cracked up to be**
- that I could, just about, sit through having my first kiss scene from my first novel read out to an entire lecture theatre***

* After all, I did call for this in my first column for Solander magazine! And I notice that Piatkus has just purchased US historical romance author Gaelen Foley for the UK...
** Thank you Katie Fforde
*** Thank you Biddy


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