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Monday, January 24, 2005

Frustrated... a bit

Finished From a Distance by Gloria Cook. Hmmmm. I now have to write a review of this novel. This is going to be a difficult one because there will be readers who will enjoy this book - must be - the question is who? While it was not mostly unenjoyable, it just didn't quite deliver - for me. I was never really on the side of the characters I gathered I was supposed to be. I noticed it is part of a series - an ongoing saga of the same family. So perhaps I needed to have read the preceeding two stories.

Well, I did promise myself this blog would be low on angst. However I have this shuddering desire to write. Not edit. Not write stuff I've been re-running in my head for weeks but simply not had a chance to put down on paper. Write... something new.

I think this feeling happens now and again. I think I have been here before. I think maybe I'll get over it by writing a short story or something.

Ack! It's like being addicted.

With regards to edits, did 12 pages of light editing. T'was a chore. My imagination was in cloud cuckoo land.


  • At 11:44 pm, Blogger ma said…

    I have this shuddering desire to write. Not edit.I usually have the opposite problem. I have this shuddering desire to edit. Not write. Fortunately for me right now, I am editing.


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