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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Online bookgroup, radio and money

One of the really exciting things about being an author is the fact that people actually read the story you've made up. With luck, they enjoy it, although of course not every story is every reader's cup of tea. When the opportunity arose to have an online bookgroup discuss The Lady Soldier I jumped at the chance. I want to know - what do readers like about it? dislike? Does it work in the way I hoped, or did we miss the mark? I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a lot out of this reader feedback to help with future writing.

The discussions are taking place at the UK's largest internet book forum, Book Group Online - the brainchild and project of TV producer Bill Matthews (who co-devised Nevermind The Buzzcocks and They Think It's All Over). It's a very friendly place and all are welcome to join in the discussions about The Lady Soldier (or any of the other myriad of book discussions going on frankly). I hope a few people will turn up and share their opinions about The Lady Soldier or I might get kind of lonely. :)

I'm going to be interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio on Monday around 4.15pm on John Pilgrim's show. This came about after local writing group Watford Writers kindly sent him the details of the writing workshop I'm giving to them on 15th August, and a bit about me and The Lady Soldier.

My advance cheque for Perfidy and Perfection arrived. It still seems strange to get paid money for doing what you love.


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