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Friday, October 21, 2005

Just when you think it's all over

I have an email today from my editor querying a few of my queries about the copy edits. Only a handful, and she is right, I think about most of them but I must have that perfectionist bit between the teeth now and I want to double-check and be certain in my own mind before I get back to her, which I'll do this weekend.

There is a piece in the Guardian today that John Banville, the Booker winner, is writing thrillers under a pen-name. 'With this, his main intent is to entertain,' the Guardian quotes his publisher saying.

'By adopting a pen name to pursue a sideline in genre fiction, Banville is following in a long and noble tradition', writes the Guardian. This may be the case, but are his thrillers really going to be a sideline. Surely there is at least a possibility they might sell quite well?


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