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Thursday, February 03, 2005

JOURNEY to Dundee & Journey to Africa

No posts here over the last few days as I've been away on a short holiday. And the good news is that I raced to get JOURNEY edits finished and posted it to DC Thomson from Heathrow Airport Post Office as I was leaving last Saturday. So... now its simply a case of waiting to see whether they like it. Or not.

So, as my manuscript set off north up to DCT's offices in Dundee, I got on a 'plane south to Africa...

Was fascinating. I had not been before. We stayed on Les Cotes De Carthage close to Tunis. An obvious must-visit was Tunis with its ancient Medina as well as various ruins of the ancient cities of Carthage. I also fall for museums ~ I seem to have taken about 30 pictures of 1st-5th century mosiacs, & local architecture ~ 20 pictures of different doors, just from one village!

The great thing about being on holiday is having time for reading:

Fiction: I finished The Lambs of London by Peter Ackroyd. It was enjoyable, especially as I love anything Regency but it was too short (by about 50 pages at least), and the end a little abrupt. I wasn't 100% convinced by the way the plot panned out. Worth reading though for anyone who likes a peek at lives gritty below the surface.

Non-fiction: Nearly finished The Dinosaur Hunters by Deborah Cadbury. It tells the tales, in a very biographical way, full of human interest, of the early fossil hunters and geologists trying to make sense, and a name for themselves, in the earliest days of 'dinosaur hunting'. An excellent account and very compelling - especially with the Regency cartoon of a lecture room of pleiosaurs regarding a human skull and wondering how the species of 'man' could possibly exist on earth.


  • At 3:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glad you had a brief but relaxing time in Tunsia Kate and hooray that you posted your mss off to DCT. Fingers majorily crossed.

    I much prefer P Ackroyd's nonfiction to his fiction. I thought both his last two were too short. He covered much the same material in his masterful London --A Biography.



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