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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Travelling, editing and a review

I've just got back this evening from a work trip to the lovely Spanish island of Mallorca. Unfortunately I was only there three days and would have loved to stay the weekend. It was so relaxed and the weather was fabulous. Tomorrow morning very early I'm back on an aeroplane up to Scotland for a family occasion.

I got home to find that Rakehell have published their review of The Lady Soldier. A mixed review but actually quite positive. I think the reviewer really enjoyed the story, but felt obliged to point out that it does not fit into that US 'romance genre' mould. Just because a story did not meet the reviewer's expectations, does that make it a bad story? I don't think so. It's always best to read fiction without expectations, then you are on a better footing to judge a story on its own merits. What do you think blog readers? Am I being unfair?

The one benefit of hanging around on planes and at airports* is the chance to lug around your manuscript and do snatches of editing, hence:

Edits progress:
Up to page 103

* apart from the shopping opportunities. NB I resisted every temptation expect for one fabulous pair of Kurt Geiger shoes. I wonder if fashion brands ever consider author sponsorship...


  • At 8:52 am, Anonymous Andrew said…

    The book is really good

    Sounds like a good review to me.

  • At 5:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I must agree with you Kate regarding not having expectations. I enjoy books that don't quite fit their "Genre" it takes me into a new reading experience. Your trip sounded wonderful too.


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