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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Something old, something new

The old: Well, yesterday didn't go quite to plan. On arrival at the British Museum we found that the Forgotten Persians were certainly not all that forgotten and the exhibition was fully booked, so we've got tickets to go this coming Friday evening instead.

The new (1): The Lady Soldier's been out now for 5 months and the challenge is hitting of it not being 'new' anymore. Your novel comes out and a few people get excited about it. And then it's old news. However, I'm sure that there are mothers and aunts out there who would love a copy of The Lady Soldier for Christmas. But how to get the word out? One thing I decided to try is Google Adwords, so I've set up some Adwords advertising for The Lady Soldier. I'm trying a couple of small campaigns and I'll report back on whether they are working in a couple of weeks time.

The new (2): The Lady Soldier is available also now in New Zealand.


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