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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New publisher and a talk

I sent off my copy edited electronic version of Fateful Deception to US small publishers Belgrave House on Sunday and was jolly proud of myself. Not only is Fateful Deception going to be available as an ebook alongside well regarded authors of the Regency genre such as Joan Smith and Carola Dunn, for me it feels as if a whole new continent is opening up.

Meanwhile the cheque for the large print rights arrived from Ulverscroft for Fateful Deception. Must go to the bank.

Then, because sometimes being an author is hard work, last night I gave a library talk at The University Womens Club. Mostly about The Lady Soldier and Regency research in general the evening was really nice and the audience really interested. Funnily enough one lady said that Perfidy and Perfection appealed to her more, although the history behind The Lady Soldier was interesting, and I sold both advance copies of Perfidy and Pefection I had brought along with me.

Which means that there are two people who now own Perfidy and Perfection who are unrelated to me. This is the moment that my inner-author comes over all shy and wants to run away and hide in case people hate it...


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