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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Catching up

Been catching up on a few things. Revised the short story I wrote on holiday, but I think it still needs work (or binning), and revised a older short story which I'm going to query tomorrow with a magazine. I have not yet mastered the short story but I live in hope.

Having finished JOURNEY, I now have to get my head back into BIRDS which requires concentration... and the rest of today's writing time was spent sending e-mails and catching up on stuff post-holiday. And dealing with a trojan which invaded my computer... ack! It's gone now, I think.

The Robert Hale catalogue arrived while I was away. And inside appears to be a cover (mocked-up) of The Lady Soldier, and well as blurb, bios and website. All very scary that it's becoming real. The website stats say we've had over 700 visits (although I suspect that 200 of those are the authors).

Now can't wait to see the real cover. I hope it arrives soon as there's an article in the Romantic Novelists Association magazine coming it would be good to have the cover for.


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