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Saturday, April 09, 2005

All's fair in love and war

'They say all's fair in love and war and it has certainly been a winning combination for a writer from St Albans,' writes Caroline Grant in this week's Herts Advertiser.

I picked up a copy in town earlier this morning. This was the result of Monday's telephone interview.

I received a lovely e-mail out of the blue from someone in the Historical Novels Society thanking me for mentioning the society in my interview for Writing Magazine, and I've also received an e-mail from someone I met at the Napoleonic Fair:

He writes, 'Just read your extract, excellent stuff!!! It will certainly be a "can't put it down," book. You have definately captured the essence of the time in your writing.'

Btw, I have the first chapter of The Lady Soldier as an e-mailable .pdf. If you would like a copy, please drop me an e-mail through my website.

This week been shockingly busy with the proper job and I really must spend some of today doing something of no merit whatsoever and try and break out of this time-guilt habit whereby I feel I should be doing something productive 24/7. I bought some DVDs from Woolworths and intend to fit at least two films in today.


  • At 6:28 pm, Anonymous Michelle said…

    Congratulations on all the wonderful publicity! Sounds like you're really on your way. :)


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