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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Radio, newspapers and a launch party

This week started with a couple of interviews. On Monday I was on BBC Three Counties Radio briefly - talking about Perfidy and Perfection, Jane Austen and the International Napoleonic Fair. Then on Tuesday I was interviewed by the St Albans Observer and I spoke quite broadly about my writing. A nice piece came out in the paper on Thursday - although I turned from Kate into Karen half way through!

There was also a piece in the St Albans and Harpenden Review with my photo and book cover of Perfidy and Perfection in, although the article was largely about the upcoming Napoleonic Fair.

Then on Friday was the official launch day for Perfidy and Perfection, and a friend emailed me to complain that it was on a 4-6 week order at amazon.co.uk. Ack! I'm only the author. I can't do anything about amazon. If you want to order online, Tesco has 5% off.

Friday evening I was looking forward to as I was going to Julie Cohen's launch party in Reading. The venture of getting there involved racing out of work, heading home as swiftly as possible, a lighting clothes change, and then hitting the M25 by 7pm (the best laid plans and all that...).

The reality was that I left work, had a mad dash to rendezvous with the publicist at Hale to pick up my posters needed for the weekend, meaning we didn't leave St Albans until 7.30pm. Then we got lost around Reading, and once we'd located the Town Hall couldn't find out where to park. The end result meaning that we arrived at Julie's party at 10.15pm!!! Oh dear. I was actually pleased to get there at all and have the chance to celebrate briefly with Julie Cohen, who I've known since before we were both published, the release of her first two titles for Mills and Boon.

No pictures. Forgot the camera in the rush. :(

But should be some pics today... I'm doing a book signing at Ottakars, St Albans. Fingers crossed... I'm actually really nervous.


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