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Friday, October 06, 2006

Review from the Historical Novels Review

A review for Perfidy and Perfection was in the latest issue of the Historical Novels Review. Here it is in full:

Allan has written a lively tale of a female author in Regency times, when it was supposedly not quite the thing for a lady to write a novel. Sophy has very little experience of life but her first novel is a success. Now she has to experience something new to write about, and that something is a rather handsome gentleman in the form of Lord Hart. Clearly the gentleman isn't going to be too pleased when he discovers that he is the subject of a novel - and when he uncovers the identity of the author. Sophy has the added problem of whether she should give up her writing to become a wife. High jinks in Middleton!
A simple tale told in a delightful manner that carries the reader to the end. I wasn't sure that tributes to Jane Austen were necessary because the author has her own style. However, this is well worth reading. An author to look out for in the future.
Linda Sole, Historical Novels Review


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