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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Stuck... and a new idea

On the train into work this morning I must have been unusually awake because I was struck by an idea for a novel which makes me feel I must write it. In fact, it's a morph of an idea that has been floating around vaguely in my mind for at least a year.

The problem is that it does not really fit into my writing plans. So I'm going to have to leave it for now, and maybe... well, if I could just write BIRDS faster. You see the vague plan for 2005 is that I have BIRDS to write, and then after that is the next Jennifer Lindsay. And BIRDS is tough because it's a type of novel I've not written before. The plot is not linear for a start, and its themes are subtle, and... well, I don't know. Maybe I've got it wrong with what I am trying to do and the pushing water uphill of it all is too hard for me to pull off.

We'll see.

Nothing ventured.


  • At 10:34 am, Anonymous Kate H said…

    Don't be too hard on yourself, Kate. Sometimes, when books nudge themselves into your schedule and bump other ones aside, it's for a good reason. Happened to me last year - I was writing one book, then the next morning the characters were there with the same names but a completely different situation and completely different characters! I went with it and put the original to one sid; when I went back to writing it, it had brewed a bit more in the back of my head and was easier to write (and, I think, a better book).

  • At 6:15 pm, Blogger Kate Allan said…

    Funnily enough since getting a bit down about it, I suudenly saw two new scenes for BIRDS come into view. Scribbled some notes on the train this morning and now can't wait to write them!

  • At 12:42 pm, Anonymous Sheri Haynes said…

    Kate, That's what happened to me with my RS and Fantasy. The Fantasy sort of took over and I've been writing like a fend on it. Seems I can't get it down fast enough.

    Not to mention I had two more ideas pop into my head in the past two weeks. Another Fantasy and a More Mainstream/ST.

  • At 6:32 pm, Blogger Julie said…

    Hey Kate, read your and Michelle's article in the RNA mag, and loved it!


  • At 12:16 am, Blogger Kate Allan said…

    Ah Sheri, it's the ongoing problem. Too many ideas and a lifetime isn't long enough to write them. I visited your website btw. Love the quirky feel to it.

    Julie, thanks! I'm going to try and borrow a scanner and scan it in. It was very easy to write - Marina Oliver lifted posts we'd already made on Romna (online chapter of the RNA) and put it together from that!


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