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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Kate Harrison’s book launch party

A lively, glamorous bar in a smart part of the West End of London was the venue for the book launch party for Kate Harrison’s new book, The Starter Marriage.

Thursday evening and I’d met a friend for drinks first. With nonchalant confidence we informed the doorman we were here for Kate Harrison’s party. His frown turned to a smile and he withdrew his frame from the doorframe and let us past. The place was packed out. It was a basement room seemingly paint-effected in shades of fuschia with low lighting and the walls inset with tropical fish-tanks. It felt tropically hot. The barman put ice cubes in our glasses of white wine. I chatted to some interesting people from the BBC and a gentleman whose personal experiences had inspired the idea for the book.

Leaning up against the wall was a large poster for The Starter Marriage with its motifs of scattered roses. Animated conversations bounced between the bodies and blurred into the clink of glasses. Kate Harrison was charming and it was all over too quickly!

Best of luck with the book, Kate! I can’t wait to read it.

NB Guess what - Kate's also an authorblogger.


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