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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Small worlds and nice covers

It was nice yesterday evening, before I went to bed, to have a chance to actually read Writing Magazine, and see Diane Parkin, who visited this blog this week, writing about possible markets for freelancers in there. There was also a small piece on Mary de Laszlo, who has a book just out with my publisher Robert Hale. Speaking of Robert Hale authors, I visited Amanda Grange’s website and the cover of her book out out this month, Lord Deverill’s Secret, is gorgeous. I think it must be the same artist who did The Lady Soldier. I must try and find out.

Today the Romantic Novelists Association announced the winners of its major awards at the annual posh lunch at The Savoy. Not that I was there. I was in the middle of tearing my hair out as I was trying a draft a business paper for work against a fast ticking clock. Winner of the major award was The Good Voyage by Katharine Davies. The cover’s nice, but I was hoping to read a review or two on amazon to find a bit more than the blurb. Can't find a website either.

Winner of the Romance Prize is Liz Fielding. Liz is also shortlisted for RT and RITAs prizes which are the main awards for romantic fiction in the US. I was lucky enough at last year’s RNA conference to attend Liz Fielding’s workshop on novel openings and it was cracking stuff - like the start of one’s novel should be.

On the subject of great covers, new publisher Transita seem to be giving their authors the kind of book covers I like. I'm not their demographic because Transita is supposed to be only for women over 45, but I love the cover of Susie Vereker's Pond Lane and Paris - probably because it looks like a painting. And there are two words in the blurb which decided my purchase choice - Nancy Mitford.

So basically I'm reading it.

To be honest, most of the novels so far on the Transita fiction list look, well, largely interesting.


  • At 4:24 am, Anonymous Olga said…

    I like that cover, too. And huge congrats to Liz. I didn't have the chance to take the workshop, but the article on her website about the novel openings is awesome.


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