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Saturday, April 01, 2006

A book signing!

Fanfare of trumpets! It happened; the day when I was to do the first signing for Perfidy and Perfection - at Ottakars in St Albans. It was quite scary but the bookshop staff were all really nice. :) As well as being friendly they offered me a coffee and kept asking if there was anything I needed.

A table was laid out with twenty copies of the book on. I sold ten, which I was really pleased with. I didn't think I would sell that many, with being in hardback.

I felt a bit silly sitting on the chair the whole time so I wandered around a bit. I must have looked official as members of the public asked me various questions such as where they could find a book by such-and-such an author.

It was fun to do but I was pleased when it was over and I could proceed to the family lunch we had planned at a local restaurant.

The next bookshop signing is in two weeks at the Country Bookshop near Buxton in Derbyshire. Saturday 15th April (Easter Saturday) at 2pm.

However, tomorrow I'm signing books again at the International Napoleonic Fair...


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