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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Retrospective on the week

One thing I realised reading back my blog posts this week, is that I haven't posted much about what I've been up to writing wise.

Probably because the answer has been, not much.

Work was mad this week, leaving room for a brief exchange of e-mails with my editor at Hale, a really interesting get together for a drink with a writer of lad lit. Quite by chance I also met a lady at a magazine who were going to feature THE LADY SOLDIER as a one-liner but purely because we met face to face (at a completely unrelated event) I think she'd interested in doing a feature next issue. So will have to chase that up next month.

You will notice the lack of actual writing acheived. (I bold this to try and shame myself) Friday evening was supposed to be the night I got home and wrote, but the news from DC Thomson made me far too hyper.

This weekend I've done a small amount of planning for THE LADY SOLDIER London book launch party, looked into postcard printing costs and lead-times and mocked up a possible design, drafted a couple of author press releases (so I've at least a template ready), and I've written about 1,000 words of BIRDS.

I've also watched three episodes of the old TV series of Flambards which I got for Christmas on DVD. (Yorkshire Television, 1978). It's super, great theme music and surprisingly compelling. But then I remember the K. M. Peyton books being so. This is research - trust me ~ I'm desperate to know what a pre-WW1 aeroplane looked / sounded / smelled / felt like for BIRDS. There don't seem to be any real ones in existance. (If anyone knows of any in any museums, even replicas would be fine, now is the time to shout!)

Progress check:

BIRDS words written: 13025
Words to go: c100000


  • At 7:05 pm, Blogger McVane said…

    How about Duxford? There is another but ... well, it's a RAF museum, definitely, but I haven't the foggiest where is it or what it's called.

    Ah, it's called the RAF museum. *head banging on the desk* URL: http://www.rafmuseum.com


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