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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Fly the Wild Echoes

‘Why do certain eras from the past draw you into history, hauntingly, as if their story were yours?’ writes Elizabeth Bailey in her website introduction to Fly the Wild Echoes.

I bought Fly the Wild Echoes because I’d enjoyed a number of Elizabeth Bailey’s historical romances, and was curious about her new contemporary romance.

It’s the story of Fliss, an actress suffering from feelings of inexplicable dread, and nightmares. She goes to a chateau retreat and her French therapist, Gerard, begin to explore why? And why does actress, beset with confusion, who’s been at the chateau for years, seem to be holding the clues?
Gerard is soft, warm, like thick French hot chocolate, and Fliss is drawn to him more than a patient to her therapist. Gerard knows the dangers of becoming too close, and then there is the uncontrollable jealously of his girlfriend, the daughter of the owner of the chateau on whom Gerard depends for his life’s vocation.

The past. And the present. People, emotions, danger. Fly the Wild Echoes is rich and compelling. Elizabeth Bailey writes an intimately observed story with high suspense. I had to go to bed early to finish it.


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