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Monday, March 14, 2005

The moment

Yesterday, considering I had various other household things to catch up on, wasn't a bad writing day. Managed to write about 1,200 words. And now I'm at a critical point, and I get scared of writing it.

It's the moment when a heroine meets a hero.

In my previous sketched scene the moment was almost too brief.
I know it needs more substance, yet nothing heavy. This is women's fiction and so this man does not have to be the hero. The reader might guess, but that's all. They can't yet know this man's significance.

How do you write the moment?

To me it's one of the most pleasurable parts of writing romantic fiction.
In France it's a coup de foudre. In the UK people shift uneasily at the phrase 'love at first sight'. But in fictional romance, it's always there - isn't it?


  • At 2:44 pm, Blogger Tess said…

    Kate - Hmm, well my characters tend to write it for me. It's not usually a scene I have problems with. Plenty of others often confound me, but not that one. My stories tend to grow out of an idea of how two people meet, so maybe that's why.

    Not sure if this helpful in any way, but that's my two pence worth :-)

  • At 5:28 am, Anonymous Olga said…

    I usually don't have the problems with the moment either. But now when I'm starting to think how important it is and how we need to convey in that small piece a huge future significance of the relationship it starts growing on me...

  • At 8:48 pm, Blogger Kate Allan said…

    I read a romance last week actually and there was no 'moment', just the hero and herone sizing each other up after they first meet and feeling some stirings of attraction.

    I found myself disappointed I have to say.


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