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Friday, March 18, 2005

Reading your own stuff

My article is in the local newspaper moaning about how my home town, St Albans, has not only its own saint (and England's first martyr) and was the Roman city of Verulamium, and yet hardly anyone seems to care.

Of course I wanted a copy of the paper, but it felt very strange to be buying it, knowing my article was inside, and then reading it, and wondering about who else might be reading it and what they thought.

Will anyone write in to the paper as a rebuttal? Does anyone agree with my point-of-view? They must see at least I only wrote it because I do care about St Albans?

Then I of course read it again, and read it critically, wishing maybe I'd been a little less uncompromising, used a different turn of phrase here, and... STOP IT! Too late now, love, it's in print.


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